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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Hey where did the week go?

You'll all be very pleased to hear that I have had a shower!!! - Went to visit a friend today (love you guys!) just to use their shower!!!

Thames Water and The Surrey County Council Highways department are arguing over who's fault it is that is isn't sorted yet - with both admitting it being unacceptable and both blaming the other.... I feel a letter coming on ! But I have been promised that it will be sorted by next week!!! (it wants to be, my raceforlife is on Saturday and after 5km I'm really going to need some hot water to ease my muscles!!!!)

The week has gone super fast, and I've been really busy...... but I don't seem to have done anything! Is it only me this happens to? I have often wondered if I live in a different time vortex to the rest of the population!

So tomorrow I will endeavour to catch you all up... there are purchases with my birthday money (a knitting book, needles, and some yarn!), ebay chicken wire delights, a washout of a bank holiday but loads of knitting, work (well ok I won't bore you with that!)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blog-a-long May 2007, Favourite Childhood Sweets

It's fitting that this is written on a Sunday, for Sundays are the tale behind my favourite sweets.....

You know the kind of Sunday I mean............ exactly like today............... rainy, dull, boring for a child.............. it was thus the Sunday "Grotty Movie" afternoon was born.

After our Sunday roast lunch, Dad would take us down to a small newsagents that sold sweets by the quarter..... jars and jars of sweets.

My favourites were sherbet lemons, they lasted ages, and made my mouth sore, but I loved them!!! If I was in the mood for more instant gratification then my choice would be chocolate raisins or rainbow drops.... but really sherbert lemons were the way to go.

We'd take our little white bags of delight home, and tune in - probably to BBC2, to find some old ham of a black and white movie! If we were lucky ... and good, the sweets lasted through the film, if we weren't we knew we weren't going to be bailed out by any other family members.... each had their own white bag, and that was that!!! (We did share a little really!) Mum and I would often sit on the sofa and knit whilst watching/scrunching.

So, if we were doing this today what would we find.... Unfortunately, not really a true "Grotty Movie" on terrestrial TV (Mission impossible is on ITV, but that's not quite in the spirit of the theme!)...... but with the benefit of freeview...."The History of Mr Polly" with John Mills on More4 at 16:10 this afternoon............ sherbet lemon anyone???
(If anyone fancies sherbet lemons just the way they always used to be is a site you must visit!)