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Sunday, July 08, 2007

I think I found the rest of the family....

Do you remember this little critter????

Well i think I just found the rest of his family! - I was transplanting my leeks this morning - something I've been meaning to do for a while, but what with the rain etc it hadn't been done. I thought I'd have time before the British Grand Prix starts - which renders me useless, as I must sit and watch it! I used the handle of my little trowel as a dibber - a bit big but the leeks had good root growth and I didn't want to spoil them. I made 6 holes to begin with at the rear of the winter veg plot. I planted the first leek..... and the second...... and as I went to drop the third leek in it's hole, I was gazed up at by the tiniest little mouse.!!!! - Must admit I jumped about a foot in the air. I now know why a) the trowl went in a little easier at the back of the plot than the front, and b) why there isn't a whole heap growing at the back! - There's an entire colony of mice dining on the roots of my veg! You gotta laugh!