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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lessons Learnt

1:-Decide that you want to paint light coloured wood before you make an enormous chicken run and staple wire to the wood apparently at 2cm intervals

2:-When using water protective wood stain, remember it isn't very likely to come off you very easily either!

3:-Re No. 2 - Wear a hat!

4:-Re No. 3 - If you aren't wearing a hat, don't stand underneath the beam that you are painting.

5:-Don't wear a sleeveless t-shirt.

6:-Wear old clothes, shoes, hat, glasses, and if possible old skin - - you'll need the new stuff to cover yourself in after you've scrubbed all the old skin off in a vague attempt to remove dark brown stains from all over your body/face/hands/hair!

7:-Enjoy it! - Well you might as well - it's going to take weeks!

I'm going to get my knitting out now - it's safer!

Friday, July 27, 2007


I cannot begin to tell you how tired we are!!! But here it is - practically finished (needs some finishing touches, (perches etc) but they're in and it's done! Mr Noo has gone home now - and I'm already tucking into the beer!!!!! (My feet are killing me!!!!)

View from bedroom window:

View from outside
Here they both are enjoying their new space

We are going to put a full mesh floor in to protect from Mr Fox, but the ground isn't level, and if there's one thing that chickens can do well, it's sort out weedy uneven earth!!! Their house is in there and up in the air, and we've put some extra barricading around the perimeter to hopefully deter any night time visitors - to be honest they're existing house and run didn't have a bottom, so it's no different, just have to keep our fingers crossed for now.
Anyway that's it from me for tonight - I'm too tired to write any more! Just like to say a welcome to Janey, Snowgoose and Wild Rose - lovely to have three new readers, and thank you so much for your comments!
Hopefully there will be another update over the weekend as the Muskat cardi (the "next project as mentioned here!) is nearly finished!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Simple Maths



AND therefore hopefully a brand new 12' x 12' chicken run! The Panels are 6' x 6' so I'll actually be able to stand up while cleaning it and putting their feed in etc. - and *ahem* it'll mean room for a few more birds.!! - Not many more because this run will be static, and I've heard they can get a bit pongy!!! But Mr Noo fancies an Orpington, and I'd like a Sussex and maybe a Dorking - or maybe just a couple of hybrids, I'm not too fussy!!!! (What I'm really after is a basket full of different coloured eggs!!)

In other news: The final Harry Potter book was good. I won't say any more because I know there are people who haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I loved it. I hope to read the entire series again now, and hopefully even remember what all the spells do!!!

The job, is quite frankly, crap! but that's a whole different post for another time. I'm certainly not doing what I'm good at. So, that's enough on that subject!

The poor pooch hasn't been walked in over a week, and both of us are putting on weight! - Although I'm only working 8 - 2, it seems that the heavens open every time I leave the office, and on the odd dry afternoon there is grass to cut, and other things to do. - We're both fed up with the situation! The weather here has been pretty bad, but Oh My, my heart does break for all the people up and down the country who have been affected by flooding. Watching the news is really emotional, so many people have lost so much! Many friends from blogworld and the crafty threads n yarns forum live in and around the areas affected, so I want you all to know that I'm thinking of you!

The veggies are continuing to thrive though, apart from my purple broccoli which has been eaten by something..... possibly snails! - they are only taking the centre most stems though, cheeky little beggars!.... and yesterday I ate my first plum of the year from the tree my sister bought me for my 30th birthday! The tree hasn't fruited quite as prolifically as normal but it did loose a large branch last year in the wind, due to the weight of the fruit, so it's not necessarily a bad thing, especially with all this wind and rain. - Also it's less for Spot to pinch when I'm not looking!!!

Finally, I have re-decorated Noo's Knits with some more summery colours for a while, just to remind myself that it really is nearly August!!!!

How you all doing?!!