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Saturday, January 12, 2008

2 in one day - Eco-Cleaning!

Just a quickie. As many of you have heard before, I use copious amounts of bicarb of soda in my cleaning regimen (ha ha who am I kidding - cleaning regimen????? - what I mean is I sprinkle it liberally on the dog when she gets a bit whiffy!) I also use white vinegar for most household cleaning, and in the rinse cycle of my washing machine in place of fabric conditioner. So am very pleased to have found this online store:- Summer Naturals who stock vinegar in 5 ltrs. P&P is quite a bit (I guess 5 ltrs of vinegar is pretty heavy) but as you can get all your other stuff there; bicarb, borax, soapnuts etc.... it evens out eventually!!! Just thought I'd mention it for anyone else that live down south in the "hard water" areas and for whom a bottle of vinegar from the supermarket is lucky to last a weekend.


  1. Thanks for this link, I am trying to be greener in my household cleaning so will take a good look!

  2. Cleaning - I think my dogs would leave home as it would just not smell the same :o)

    Look I did it !! - Thank you for the help :o)


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