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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Race for life starts here!

Well as you may have noticed, my little widget is back for this year's race for life! And this year is special..... oh yes!

This year I will (just) be 40 by the time I take part. I know that 40 is nothing, but the ever increasing aches and pains, and the length of time it takes me to get up if I should be so silly as to lay on the floor with my nephews or the dog, tell me that the passing years do have a little effect!!! For those of you who were reading here last year, you will remember that I ran half the 5km distance (in run/walk/run intervals) and completed it in 38 mins.... Not bad, but I felt I could have done better. So having done it once and now being more aware of what is involved, I am training with an aim to run the whole 5km this year, and in so doing gesticulate in a very unladylike manner at 40!!!

So far I have realised that I am nowhere near as fit as I ended up last year - but I am starting my training with plenty of time to ....... errrrr...... get into my stride!!! I found a great training schedule called Couch to 5km in two months. Which seems to suit me better than the race for life training schedule. I am also mapping my training routes on so that I can monitor how far I am training. I am hoping that by June, I'll be able to do the 5km in 30 mins !! (I'm so far managing 3.5km's in 30 mins so only another 1.5 km's to fit into the same timescale.... easy!!! LOL)

I have also been awarded an award by Gilraen and Terri

How lucky am I? Thank you both so very much. I love reading each and every one of the blogs in my list over there on the right (the exceptionally long list) and whilst I don't comment as often as I used to, I do read each and every post! so if you're name's over there then I hereby present you with this award.... 'cos you all make my day!

There's not much else to fill you in on at the mo.... I've actually been working a bit (really!), and I've started knitting this hoodie in some DB merino that I purloined off the blogless Pictish when she was bargainously de-stashing!!!

Spot and the chickens are doing well... Spot's been in a funny mood lately, whenever I enter a room she disappears into another, when I go in there she re-locates to where I've just left!.... she seems happy enough though so perhaps she's just like a teenager who needs her own space! She doesn't go anywhere she's not allowed, doesn't go upstairs or anything, just likes to be in a different room to me.... Funny little girl! (perhaps I should check my deodorant is working!)

(as an aside in just putting that link in for the deodorant, which I have used avidly since I was a teenager.... as it actually isn't an anti-perspirant, which I am passionate about!............ I've noticed the difference in price in the USA - I pay £4.55 here..... I don't mind 'cos it lasts ages and works well, but perhaps I should try buying from the States while the exchange rate is so good!)

Right I'm off now to watch "The Lakes" on ITV3. Hope you have a good evening, and a lovely rest of week....... Oh and they forecast snow - YAY!


  1. I am so with you in the RFL!

    And congratulations on the award.

  2. Well done on the award, you deserve it, love your knitting and chickens! Good luck with the training.

  3. Good luck with the training - you can do it!

    The hoodie looks lovely - I'm wearing one I made - you can't beat them for cosy.

    Thanks for your kind wishes - think I'm on the mend -have been knitting!

  4. Congratulations on the award - well deserved! And good on you for doing the Race for Life again. I shall be on hand with virtual lemonade and cheering :)

  5. Good luck with your race for life. I am also participating this year on the 8th June and am in training. Thanks for adding the mapping link to track your route, this will come in really handy for my training.
    All the best and I hope you raise lots of sponsorship for this great cause:o)


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