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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Knitting - Finally

Well here it is:

I'm not hugely happy with the way I've made it - I had to change the sizing quite a bit cos it was too big, and I made it longer...... what with putting it down and making all my little Christmas knits in the middle, i think it all went a bit pear shaped (should keep better notes) Notably the top of the sleeves were a tad wide for the armholes so they've gathered a bit - a la 80's !!!! But as it was only ever for snuggling at home or dog-walking it will suit it's purpose well. (It's very warm) I'll try to get a modelled shot soon - it does look a little better on than draped over the arm of a chair! I am however really chuffed with the finished steek:

I crocheted up either side of the center stitch before cutting it, and have folded the edge down and trapped all the loose ends in and stitched it.

Next on the agenda is Mavis (from naturally noro ) knitted in DB Aran Tweed which I bought from Murdo . back almost done!

Edited to add: a link for Naturally Noro above for Queenofthefroggers!


  1. Your cardi looks snuggly, even though you are not that happy it looks like one that will last for years! I like Mavis, where is that pattern from?

  2. Oh yes! Naturally Noro! Sorry, brain dead today.

  3. Love the cardi, pefect for cold winter days:-)
    Mavis is on my list of to do's, yours is looking lovely so far!!!!

  4. A Steek?? OMG!! Well done will be a long long time before I'm brave enough to try!

    Mavis is looking lovely.

  5. CresceNet6:32 am

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  6. I think the cardy looks great ad I bet it is nice and cosy even if you may not like the look of it.
    I knew I should not have followed the Naturally Noro link!! Now it sits in my favourites .....begging me to spend money!!!

  7. From one bad blogger to another - Happy New Year!

    Mavis looks lovely so far, and I am so impressed with your steeking. You must have nerves of steel!

    Mavis is on my to-do list. I have Silk Garden all ready and waiting, so hopefully sometime this year......

  8. Aghhhhh! Steeks! Well done you for tackling them and what a brilliant job too! Me? I'm still quaking in Steek Corner:)

    Mavis looks fab in that yarn and look forward to seeing its progress...


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