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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A 3 egg day!

It seems my girls are incredibly consistent! - The middle egg is from my Welsummer (probably Bea) who has just returned to laying...... it's 70g (!) The other two are from the hybrids, who I have to say have laid every day through the winter (apart from one of them having a couple of days off last week, but I think she probably deserved a rest) and they're both 68g! - how amazing is that they are so similar in weight........... Must get to making some ice cream soon!!!!

(p.s. *newsflash* - the silkies put themselves to bed last night - finally!!!!)


  1. This post really made me smile! How sad is it that I can't decide which I prefer, news of your knitting or the latest chicken newsflash??

    Just keep them both coming please, then I don't have to choose!

  2. Those eggs look good enough to eat ;)

    Clever silkies - at last! Hopefully they will do it again tomorrow :-)

  3. At least they are getting well trained now taking themselves to bed!! Nice eggs.

  4. where are our eggs then?!!!! I know - Miss Spot ate them!xx


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