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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well there was me, trotting round town on Saturday, when I skipped across a kerb to cross a road before the lights changed...... Unfortunately there was a metal hoop laying in the road which caught around my foot and I crashed to the floor!!! - Honestly, I felt like I was 4 again! Needless to say the nice courteous people of Guildford didn't flock to my side to make sure I wasn't run over by oncoming traffic. In fact only ONE person even enquired as to my well-being. I removed the hoop from the roadside in case anyone else should happen upon it in the same way I had, and took myself to the nearest ladies convenience to wash my hands and remove the bits of road from my knees! I continued about my business (buying a joint for Sunday roast, and such) and returned home, slightly shaken I suppose but not really any the worse for wear, apart from the slight grazes.

Well come Sunday morning and I find I can't actually get out of bed...... I had instinctively put my hands out and landed palms first, but that must have jarred the whole top of my body, ribs, arm muscles, neck, chest.... plus the bruises to legs and knees made me a hobbling invalid. And I cannot believe that it did not occur to me, having had an intimate moment with a road surface, not to go and buy Arnica tablets, which are always my first recommendation to anyone in a similar situation. What a dope! - Luckily I do have Epsom Salts at home, so I spent large parts of Sunday and Monday in a hot salty bath. - Today (much to Spot's delight) - I can move again! The only lasting effect is a bruised rib which is right where my bra band is! - Typical! Still, luckily no lasting damage and aside from a few days where I can't go running, and maybe a little more sitting and knitting than I would normally indulge in, life has quickly returned to normal. I do feel an idiot though!!!!!

The chooks are all fine and, as if understanding my hour of agony and self-pity, I got 3 eggs on Sunday!!! - Little angels!

My increased knitting time has meant that Graffiti is finished - well at least the knitting stage is, it still needs sewing up..... but I can't bend over the ironing board for that long just yet. So, I have started on Rogue which was a pattern and yarn I had to hand as I didn't have the energy to make any life-enhancing decisions about what to knit. - One sleeve has been done already! Just as well the housework can always wait in this household!!!! :)


  1. It's so embarrassing when you do that sort of thing isn't it? I did a similar thing on the corner of a busy road last Summer...falling over nothing :( An elderly gentleman with a stick stopped to ask if there was anything he could do, bless his socks. I'd hurt nothing but my pride but it does shake you up. The butcher whose shop I'd fallen over outside, did say he'd seen me and was I ok followed by remarks of giving me a 9.5 for technical merit and an 8 for artistic design! Hope you're not quite a sore as you were when writing your post.
    I've got Rogue waiting in the wings too. One day I'll get the yarn out of the bag. I'll look forward to watching yours grow, it may spur me on a bit!

  2. Oh, ouch! I hope you're feeling much better now.

  3. Ooooh, you poor thing! Hugs xx

  4. OH GOODNESS!!! I hope all is better now!! And that there really is no lasting damage (apart from your ego maybe!!)
    Oh I looked at Rogue and I fancy that myself. We really do have similar taste in jumpers

  5. I hope you are feeling better. It hurts doesn't it. I slid down a steep drive and grazed my knees once, it takes you back to childhood picking the grit out! I have more sympathy for my son now when he falls over!

  6. Oh Dear Noo! Why are people so embarressed to help?
    When hubby worked in London he was travelling on the tube in rush hour (very full) when the guy stood next to him fainted, Hubby caught him and asked for help everyone took one step back so even though it was rush hour and crambed full there was a circle of space around him! When they got to the next station he had to carry the bloke to pull the emergency cord as no one would help in anyway!!!!
    I'd have helped you, so next time give me warning and I will dash down the road and be there for you!!!


  7. Oh Noo - you are having a right time of it, with tummy bugs, colds (min. of 2) and then this - I will share a gentle hug with you next time I see you xx

    and what clever hens you have, 3 good eggs and the silkies at last putting themselves to bed :o)

  8. Noo, I do hope you are all recovered soon. I can empathise, in that my right foot being dropped often forgets to pick itself up - I can often be seen stumbling round town!


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