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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Egg-Eater!!!! :(

Now in the chicken keeping world we have to beware of "egg-eaters" - chickens which develop a taste for eggs and eat them as soon as they are laid. These birds often have to be culled if they cannot be coaxed out of their addiction.

So............. what happens when you find the egg eater is none other than your flippin' dog?????

Yesterday I left some bowls on my kitchen with 4 eggs for my neighbour (to thank her for the cakes that had come in the bowls in the first place) I didn't see her yesterday so went to bed with the bowls and eggs still on the kitchen table....... I came down this morning to find only 1 egg in the bowl. Strange. I looked around, I checked with MrNoo (it would have been some breakfast but you never know) no sign whatsoever. I thought I was losing my mind (not for the first time!) I re-counted the ones I have aside for my sister, and the 2 left for me - yep still as they were. So just 3 missing from the bowl (I should add it's like a small mixing bowl with high sides) The only evidence which I did find, some 5 minutes later, was on the ear of Miss Spot..........
You can't really tell from the photo but the ends of her ears are a little wet and matted!!!!!! - I did later find 2 of the tiniest pieces of egg-shell in her bed. So she must have jumped up - removed an egg from the bowl and carried it unbroken to her bed. Whereupon she has eaten said egg and shell, and returned for another 2. I was really cross, but can now see the funny (and it must be said, somewhat clever) side of things. - She is going to stink when that egg dries though and she hates having a bath - methinks it'll be my opportunity for getting my own back!

p.s. she is normally a very good girl and has only ever stolen once before..... funnily enough that was one of my neighbours cakes out of the same bowl!!!!


  1. Hambley10:47 am

    I had a dog that could drink a pint of milk from a glass bottle without spilling a drop. I used to find empty milk bottles in very odd places but never thought it could be him, until I saw him with my own eyes.

  2. Clever Spot :o)

    Hannah,when nobody is around, will jump on dining room table, root around my work bag and then nick anything of interest, jump off, so no sign of her being there and then quietly eat contents and packaging. How do I know this .... she can't hide what comes out of her bottom - don't you just love them !!

  3. Oops! Hopefully it won't become a habit :)

  4. at least it wasn't my eggs ;-) fantastic mrs spot!! (having just reread fantastic mr fox and knowing all about crafty and clever animals!!!)

  5. No blame to the Dog!! I blame the Bowl!! lolol
    It always surprises me how clever and devious Dogs can be when THEY want to!!!

  6. Molly my Labrador has a similar ability to sneak eggs from a bowl to her bed without leaving any evidence. Total eggs in one night 10!!
    We now double check the kitchen every night before going to bed.

  7. I hope she is clean and smelling beautiful again :-)

  8. 'Cracking' (sorry for the pun) story! My old labrador was very gentle with eggs and if you gaev him one he would carry it round for ages then go out into the garden and put it gently down on the lawn. He hated braking it with his teeth and would usually roll gently over it so it would crack but not break open, then he would lick it to death! Priceless, I only wish we had a video in those days!

  9. Ahh looks like you could do the same thing to Spot as one would do when chooks eat their own eggs. Blow a chook egg, and fill with mustard hot and chilli hot and cayenne pepper and anything else hot...seal the egg with polyfilla or something similar and then leave the egg for spot to try....a bit cruel but tends to fix egg eaters..........


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