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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fabulous weather

I should have taken a photo..... the day started with a thick frost, but brilliant blue sky, and by 12 noon (having done my 30 min run - with Spot!) I was sitting in the garden (albeit wrapped in a wool cardi, with a scarf), knitting and listening to my latest download from audible. (Falling, by Elizabeth-Jane Howard) I stayed there til 3pm when it got a tad chilly as the sun had gone behind the house - but oh what a lovely thing to spend a February day in the garden......... Perfect!


  1. yes we had that here also and isn't it fabulous to sit knitting in the garden after all the rain? I also had sandals on, no boots and thick socks:)

  2. Anonymous7:55 pm

    fantastic day, we watched the Rugby and had friends for late lunch with yellow tulips on the table. Aaaaaaaah Spring is indeed only just around that corner.

  3. Sounds wonderful!!! It was a bit springlike today here too.

  4. We have been having the most amazing weather here as well but alas I been working :( so did not get much chance to sit out in it


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