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Monday, February 11, 2008

How to find out what they searched!!!

Well it seems a lot of people don't know, and never one to be stingy with information (well I generally don't have any that everyone else hasn't had for several months before me!) Here we go.

I use a site visitor counter from If you go right down to the bottom of my first sidebar there is a little counter announcing that there have been 11,074 (WOW How many????!!!!) visitors to my site. If I log into my account at statcounter I can see how many visits I've had each day (the log size is 500, so I can only see the last 500 visits) and their IP numbers (Oh yes, I'm watching you, watching me!) how they got here, how long they spent.... blah, blah, blah. Most come via their bloglines reader, or their own blogroll on their blogs...... but once in a while I get a visit from a stranger via a search - usually on google......... So there you have it, if you're counter doesn't give you such details then maybe you could switch to statcounter.... and if you don't have a counter......... well you'd be surprised how many people visit - it's way more than the comments you get!!!!! ;)

To end today's post here are some piccies of the ladies as they have been sadly lacking from my blog of late. Today was another glorious day and they all looked proper handsome!!!





Doing what they do best:-

And not forgetting the lady of the house, Miss Spot:-


  1. Anonymous7:53 pm

    made us laugh Spot still lingering in a very hopeful way!!! wonderful day.

  2. I use Statcounter too!

    Lovely pics of the hens...what beauties!

  3. Nice chick pics!

    Someone found my blog the other day by searching for 'sock ducky'.

    Don't think I've ever made one though!

  4. I use that function of the stat counter all the time - I love to know who is visiting from where and how!
    love Debs xx

  5. The Chicken Photos are making me hungry!!LOLOLOLOLOL!!
    I have added statcounter and will look on Sunday just who came from where....I am nosey as well!!

  6. Nice to see the girls! I like Dorothy, she suits her name.

  7. I shall look into that statcounter, definately, I used to have one but the site went down and never came back!!!!!
    I like Primrose very elegant lady!

  8. Thank you for that stat counter info.I've added it to mine!

  9. I've now a new item to check everyday! I'm not yet sure if it's good or bad ;) but thank you!!!

    Lovely chooks! I especially love the look of the silkies :)


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