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Friday, February 22, 2008

An update for Libby!

Libby has asked for an update on the new chicks - as well she might - I've been very slack with my blogging lately.

Well as you know they've been here a week. And it must be said that possibly Silkies are not hens at all!!! - The other 4 when first brought home needed putting in their beds at night just once or twice to get the hang of the fact that that's where they go when it gets dark..... Not these 2..... absolutely no idea! - I've physically put them to bed every night now for a week, and they still haven't a clue! - I've baited the ladder with corn, I've tried everything! .....

Corn - there's another thing !! - The others (pretty greedy girls it must be said) all got the idea about corn very quickly. My girls get layers pellets in the morning in their feeder, then at tea time they get a handful of corn each thrown on the ground to scratch feed... and boy do they know it's coming! The minute I open the "corn bin" (they even know which one it it) they all gather round the door calling me. - The 2 new ones - NOT A CLUE! - I've given them corn every day and all they do when I approach their run is run around like......... yeah you guessed it....... headless chickens!!! presumably thinking I'm going to chop them up for dinner or something????

They are far more skittish than the others - maybe that's part of what makes them a good breed for mothers - I don't think I'd be interfering with either of them if they don't want me to. They're not scared to show their disagreement by having a peck or two!

So far there hasn't been much noise from the cockeral, a few strangled barks, but no crowing. Although I doubt I will be keeping him anyway. As soon as he starts crowing he's likely to go in the pot... not that there's a lot of him, but I don't want to breed Silkies so he'll be offered up on the forum in case anyone does and if not then he'll have to go. I wouldn't mind a cockeral in principal (and my lovely neighbour is very obliging! - says it reminds her of the old days, when Guildford was a country town) but a Silkie cockeral isn't a lot of good to me really, and I have to remain as dispassionate as I can! Talking of noise though - the Welsummers have started yelling again, which can only mean that they're coming into lay (or, as I haven't been out this morning, maybe they already have) They are a noisy pair!

So that's it - an update. Everything else in the world of Noo is much as always ... a little work, a fair bit of knitting (hoodie nearly finished, which is good 'cos I'm bored with it now!) and a bit of walking the dog and playing with chickens!!!! Have a fab weekend everyone.


  1. Have a good weekend too. I like to read your chicken exploits and dream of having some!! I can't even manage to plant a veg garden!

  2. Have a good weekend. I too find your Chicken story's interesting. I always wanted Idea why or how to deal with them just wanted some!! I know..Im weird!!

  3. Thank you for the update!!! Its all interesting stuff!!!
    The business about the rats:- my cats chase and catch the slow and dying poisoned rats, then they get ill, hence the no rat poison thingy!!!

  4. Oh the silly things lol

    You have such a wonderful way with words Noo, I have been chuckling away here reading about them.


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