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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A little bit of flirting!

This is the first time all the chickens have been together - and there has been a little flirting going on! (I have spent much of the afternoon with a cup of tea in a garden chair...... laughing!!!!!


  1. Spring must be just round the corner:) We could all do with a litlle flirting!!

  2. Oh you can see which one is the boy, with his chest stuck out and no doubt strutting!!!

  3. They sure know how to strut their stuff!

  4. Awww very cute!!! How do chickens flirt then *looks puzzled* LOL!!!

  5. Oh bless!

    I once knew a lovely man a former colleague and sadly no longer with us, who would say incredulously "why would I need a TV then, when I can just look outside and see what's going on all around me? There's more entertainment watching my lambs and my chickens than anything on the BBC!"

    D'you know, I sometimes think he was right!

  6. Sorry about the knee thing. If you choose your resort with care you could always ride the cable car to the bar at the top of the piste for a bit of variety! Call ack on the hill' after mid April -on more trip to the alps to come!


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