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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Whoooo Hooooo the new F1 season has started

And what a start!! - Great race and won by our boy Lewis ! I have to admit, even I , got a tad fed up with it last year..... a lot of petulance from almost all the drivers at one point or another, and all that political nonsense. But here we are at the start of a new season, with no traction control, a good new set of drivers and the cars all looking like they're up to the job. YAY!


  1. I have to say as a rule F1 isn't really my thing but DH watches avidly....and so far so have I. I'm really enjoying it and got excited for the first time ever.....:D

  2. I'm sorry Noo that I can't share your excitement. Perhaps you have to be there. Still, there's no denying "our man" has talent.

    I once went to a post TT race at Mallory Park ( Barry Sheene and Mick Grant )which was an entirely different thing to watching bikes on TV.

  3. So you like Formula 1 then hey??!!! Never have guessed!!! lol!!!

  4. Oh H*ll yes didn't the Boy wonder do well!! My word he was awesome...okay I finished! And the no Traction controll makes the future races even more interesting. And If Coulhtart gets banged a few more times (not that I want him to , he deserves much better!!) we may even get a Boxing match to boot. It will be one exciting and interesting season.
    C'MON LEWIS!!!!


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