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Monday, April 14, 2008

The writing on the wall.

.............. Otherwise known as Graffiti!!! (OhMyGosh I'm so witty sometimes!)

This has taken ages to finish as the first zip I bought was far too bright a green - luckily I had had the forethought to buy a shade card at the same time, so it was just a matter of getting around to ordering the new one and waiting for it. It's the first time I've ever put a zip in, and I'm reasonably happy with it. For any other newbie zipputterinners out there, it may be better to choose something a touch sturdier than the DB Merino which I used (which incidentally is beautifully soft, but a bit slippy for first time zippers). Does anyone else think the pockets are way out of line too???? Hopefully that's just the way I've put it on!

I haven't put the zip in the hood yet (as you can see!! ) But needed to take the opportunity of having Mr Noo here to take the photos.
So the boring stuff:
Pattern: Graffiti Hoodie for Artesano Hummingbird (DK)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino DK
Needles: Boyes needlemaster US6
Zips: From Zipperstop


  1. Oohh, thats NICE, lovely colour, and you brave lady putting in a zip. I'm glad you explained the hood though, I was thinking it was an unusual collar ! (trust me)

  2. Oh Noo that's LOVELY :-) I love it in the green, it's less busy in just a colour iyswim.

    I am not sure zipputtingin is in my genes - sewing and I have this uneasy truce - I won't sew and sewing won't confuse me ;-) so I am full of admiration for you.

    I was on the same wavelength as you Modelwidow, don't worry lol

  3. Gosh, that is sooo nice and such a good fit on you (snarl, gnash)! And brave you, with the zip. I have put zips in before, but I don't enjoy it - or sewing in general, more like!

    Love the green too!

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  5. Sorry, I hit 'publish your comment' twice...

  6. I love it!! The green is fab and its such a great fit on you.

  7. I think it looks gorgeous! I really like it in the one colour, far more wearable (Stripey cardies just don't do it for me lol)

    And eek!...2 zips???? *faints*

  8. It's great. I love the colour and it fits so well! Just the thought of putting in a zip makes me come out in a cold sweat!!!

  9. That's fab! Great colour and it fits really well.

  10. it looks lovely, can't wait to see the colour in real life - it looks lush. i too was intrigued by the hood/collar! xx

  11. Wow Noo!!! That is beautiful!!! What a fantastic fit and a superneat zip :-) Really gorgeous.

  12. Oooh that looks fabulous! I love the colour you knitted it in, wonderful!

  13. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Well done oo it looks loverly and your zipperputtingin skills are amazing. Great fit and colour too.

  14. Oh wow! That looks really good.


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