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Monday, May 12, 2008


(Wish I could get that word in Scrabulous!)

Finished already - only 7 days to knit a pair of socks! - Can't be bad!

The pattern is Here Knit on 2.5mm Clover Bamboo DPN's in Yarn Yard sock yarn. The main body of the sock is a slip stitch pattern, really easy to memorise and quick to knit.

I doubt there'll be any more blogging til next weekend now. I am off to see the Lion King on Wednesday, to see some jazz on Thursday Lunchtime, and on Friday is the Big Four Oh !!! - I am spending the day on Hayling Island with MrNoo & Spot, my Mum & Dad and my sister, BIL and my 2 nephews..... I expect I'll be spending Saturday in bed getting over it all!!! LOL


  1. Fabulous socks, I added them to my queue earlier after seeing yours!

    Have a fantastic birthday, hop the weather says bright for you all. x

  2. What fabulous socks - and I thought I was speedy ;-)

    Do enjoy The Lion King, it's a fabulous show full of energy and great music.

    And have a wonderful birthday - remember you share it with a very special person - my mum will be 90 on Friday!

  3. What great socks, Noo! Thanks for the link (might even get my sock mojo back for these!).

    Have a fantastic (whisper) 40th birthday!

  4. Lovely socks, and have fun on that birthday! xx

  5. love the socks!!!
    Have a good week, look forward to hearing all about it when you get back:-)

  6. Very pretty (and speedy) socks - they suit the yarn perfectly.

  7. Love those socks, I hav'nt picked up my knitting sticks for awhile now, I got stuck on a pattern and left/ignored it and hoped it would go away. But you have reminded me, so I might try your pattern instead!!

  8. Love the socks, fab colours!

    Hapy Birthday for yesterday and hope you have a great weekend!


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