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Monday, May 26, 2008

I did it - and it's OK!

Well here we are (Please do excuse the state of the mirror and the room it is reflecting! - the mirror was rescued from "behind everything" which shows!)

It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be - although I wish they wrote the patten instructions for people that would be using them! - I mean I expect if you're a seasoned sewer then you'd never use the instructions as it would all seem obvious, so why not write them for beginners ! - even Ikea instructions are easier to follow!!! Still it's finished and it's wearable so that's ok! - There are mistakes but that was the point of buying cheap fabric so I am happy enough....... in fact I might even make something else today !!! (well the weather is pants so I sure as heck won't be venturing outside!!


  1. Which reminds me... I have a skirt cut up & pinned together.... from last summer! Good job & I really wished you had a camera pointing at you and Spot when you were asleep on the beach!

  2. It does look pretty good tho

  3. Well done! It looks like it fits well. I've got a sewing machine but not really made a proper attempt at getting to grips with it.


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