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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monkeys........ Done!

Well another pair of socks is finished. Here are No-Purl Monkeys by Cookie.A. (basically that pattern but knitting all purl stitches on the chart)

Knit in Opal Neon - on 2.5mm clover bamboo DPN's. Mods to pattern - only 5 repeats on leg instead of 6.

(Really must learn to tidy up before I take photos - but as you can see I'm about to start work!!!)

Now................ what to knit next?????????????


  1. What a great pair of socks, I have now managed to cast om mine but that is it.

    I think your sewing is great to - well done for being brave. LOL

  2. They're great. Love the colour.

  3. They look lovely! Very snazzy indeed. :)

    It is a great pattern :)

  4. i'm impressed at your non-hairy legs !!! ;-) if you ever want to sell some socks ....... xxx


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