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Friday, May 23, 2008

Times you wished you had your camera

We popped back to Hayling Island yesterday as MrNoo was after a new fishing rod for fishing for bass (they all look the same to me, but as he pointed out my knitting needles all look the same to him!!). Specifically it was a Spinning rod (which I got excited about but apparently a whole differnt kind of spinning!! LOL *Rolls eyes* )! He got a good deal on a rod and it was very pleasant to go to a shop where the proprietor was not trying to sell the most expensive thing in the place.

So from there we headed to the beach where the tide had just turned from high tide. In other words there wasn't enough beach to let Miss Spot off the lead for a while. So MrNoo decided he'd have a couple of casts and Spot and I sat down for the long haul (!!) At first Spot was a bit of a fidget. We had to sit on stones and I think they were a bit uncomfortable for her. - I had a jacket to sit on and a jumper so was a bit cushioned. Eventually as the sun warmed my bones I turned onto my front (with her lead looped over my arm) and lied down resting my head on my arms and whilst I didn't exactly sleep, I was in that nice place of not being quite awake!!!!! Eventually Spot managed to find a corner of the jacket and laid down above my head......... and then with a big sigh she rested her chin on my shoulder and fell asleep. It was really too funny. If we had had the camera the caption would have been...."The girls wait patiently for daddy to finish fishing" or some such...... and there we stayed for an hour and a half (we were lucky the fish weren't biting!!)

We returned all equipment to the car and as the tide was now well on its way out we went for a walk. About 1/4 mile from the car park we saw a helicopter go up and quickly realised it was air/sea rescue............ the RNLI dinghy also sped past us within a matter of seconds. Just round the corner a mother had had three young boys on body boards... the youngest of whom had got carried out on the tide (it was fair ripping out yesterday) and his mum had gone in to help..... both had ended up in trouble and the rescue had been called. It was really emotional to watch how quickly and professionally they were scooped up into the dinghy and wrapped in towels....... and how it could have been so different. A sobering thought to end the day.

This weekend I'm going to try my hand at sewing. I have two easy skirt patterns and have bought some cotton in the clearance section here
What could possibly go wrong??? LOL What are you up to?


  1. I'm sure your skirts will turn out fine! Provided you follow the patterns and tack first it will all turn out brilliantly!

  2. Anonymous3:59 pm

    oh did you get some Chanteclaire!! they all look lovely, have fun and i am sure it will be fine.

  3. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you all had a lovely time.

    Sobering indeed to see the lifeboat called out on a shout, and also the air sea rescue helicopters. They all do an amazing job.

  4. Loved the fishing story and the image of you and spot...i think i would have had a caption like Spot with her Pet waiting for dinner with MrN in the background....he he can see the picture clearly in my head.

  5. Good luck with your sewing. I was out in the garden all day yesterday doing some much needed tidying up and this morning I can't move my shoulder! I guess that gets me out of any house work but I'm not sure if I'll be able to knit...

  6. Its pouring with rain today but I did manage to get a load of gardening done and planting. I hope you are having a good weekend, I am off to work now!


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