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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Race for Life 08

Well I didn't do as well as I had hoped. My stopwatch actually ran out of battery but we think I was around 36 mins. It was really hot yesterday and that was what did for me really. I jogged the first half without too much trouble, then slowed to take on some water and that was a mistake. I never really got going properly in a good rhythm again. There just hasn't really been a lot of good weather to train in - in fact it has only really warmed up here this last week (complete lack of vegetables in the garden is a testament to this fact!) so there's not much that can be done when the day of the race turns out to be a scorcher!!!! - Still my sister wants to carry on our once a week run together as it's a nice opportunity for us to have 1/2 hour together, and there have been vague mentions of the 10k one next year............. and why not????!!!!

having said that we all had such a fantastic day, there were 4 of us doing it and together we raised well over £700 for Cancer Research, which I am incredibly proud of and is an awesome total.

There aren't any photos because it seems MrNoo was taking photos of everyone else (!) - next year must remember to wear something more conspicuous!!! :) :)

Have a lovely Sunday everyone, I'll be in the garden then watching the Canadian GP tonight!


  1. Well done Noo!! Am right proud to know for next year..well maybe i will follow your lead and have a go myself instead of just donating.
    As for the GP...of course Im watching!!! I mean is the Pope german?? Does a Bear poop in the woods??

  2. Well done Noo!!!!! Proud of you regardless of the time;-)

  3. That is fabulous that you ran, well done! Who cares about the time, you raised so much! xxx

  4. You star well done, don't be hard on yourself, you did well and so did your family, just think of the money you all raised.

    I have just 5 days to go *shock*

  5. You did brilliantly well and don't you go thinking anything else!

    Time doesn't matter ;-)

  6. Oh well done Noo! I really admire you making the effort to run once a week, too


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