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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do you Backup?

I very rarely advertise products or services (apart from yarn, obviously!!! ;) )   But, in the search for an online automatic backup service (automatic being the most important bit!) for some financial records, I found this and just thought that some of you might find it useful for backing up...... well, errr Knitting patterns???!!!!!

It's a free service for up to 2gb home use, (click on Mozy Home at the top, then look on the left hand side for the free service), or $4.95/month for unlimited and I also have to tell you that the link above is a referral link so if anyone does sign up I get an extra 256mb free. However, I don't need the extra space so that's not why I'm telling you!

You download a  little piece of software to your PC/MAC, select files or folders you want to backup (it also starts by suggesting some "backup sets", including your internet favourites, emails and contacts, and your My Documents folder, but they can all be changed) and how often you want it to backup - it suggests once a day.  The first backup obviously takes an age, but subsequent ones only seem to take around 5 mins.  It's not a file-share service so no-one else can access your data, unless you give them your password, and it's run using 448bit encryption and then 128bit SSL transfer, so it's pretty secure.

Backup is something most of us are notoriously bad at, and only when disaster strikes do we realise we should have been more prepared.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it!!!! :)


  1. When did I last back up?????????? Can't rememeber, how bad is that, so definately interested in this, many thanks for the link for this.

  2. i've been meaning to look into this myself - thanks for doing my homework for me ;-) xx


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