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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Who switched on the pollen???????

There was me ambling through this so called summer, happy as a pig in..... well whatever pigs like! - and bamm! went for a run this morning with my sister and now cannot move my head. I feel like I'm carrying a bowling ball on my shoulders, and one that hurts every time I move!

So I have taken painkillers and anti-histamine. I'll be in a coma right about supper time.

Will be back to my perky self soon (or maybe October!)


  1. oh poor you, i was fine today, do you remember a few weeks ago after our run my eyes were terrible! we must be allergic to different pollen... still, it's not a good enough excuse to get out of running... ;-)

  2. You have my sympathies Noo. I have really suffered from hayfever this year...i'll never feel the same way about yellow again, it's definitely the fields of gold that set me off!

  3. Oh no, its horrid isn't it. My hayfever and cat sneezes are only occasional thank goodness.

  4. Poor you... My son suffers really badly from hayfever, so he moved to central London! He now lives in central Nottingham... all that concrete keeps him hayfever-free!

  5. Clover? ;-)

    Poor old you, it's miserable isn't it :-(

    Clarabelle, my son lives in London, and his hay fever is so much worse when he is there.

  6. Oh no poor you! I never really understood how bad it was for people until I met my daughters boyfriend, who suffers horrendously and spends the whole of summer with streaming eyes, and an air purifier in his room!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon!


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