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Monday, August 18, 2008

All a bit quiet

Well I absolutely love my new car.  I'm not a confident driver, and it's not something I would choose to do  as a "passing the time" kinda activity........ well it wasn't! But all of I sudden I have the urge to get in and drive - anywhere! I've only been about locally so far, because there is the cost of the fuel to consider, and the weather has been atrocious, but it's really comfy, easy to manoevre and visibility is good.  Plus when I started it up at my sister's the other day Mr4 (my DNphw) said "Oooooh what a lovely sound the engine makes" - See diesels are good!! ;)

The socks were very well received - which is great.  I was worried as they weren't black, but apparently they will be worn! :)

Not much else going on round here due to rain, more rain and even more rain.  It's got so serious I have even done a bit of housework!! *shock*


  1. Mmmm! I found myself doing housework too!!!! Not good!

  2. Jeepers creepers, that is scarey if you are doing housework!!;)
    I am glad you like your new car.

  3. Housework will keep you warm...send some rain this way please, we just had to buy water fro the first time in three years. Waiting for piccies of the new little beastie...brmmmm brmmmm


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