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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

hmmmm where did August go?

I can't believe it's the best part of a month since  I posted. You'll be pleased to know that Spot is still sneaking in and nicking the odd plum - now she always checks to see if I'm watching first though...... and if I'm quick enough to catch her before she swallows it (I'm sure they go down whole!)  she'll bring it to me in return for a bonio!

In other news:- !!

Muir has been started and in fact is nearly finished.  It's made in Colourmart Merino/Silk/Cashmere which has been wound into 2 ply. It is for a raffle prize for a friend who is having a charity do for her birthday. She is holding it in aid of motor neurone disease and I thought it would be nice to donate the kind of prize I would have given her for her birthday.  Hopefully it will raise plenty of ticket sales!  it's a fairly easy pattern, and the first I have made with anything even vaguely resembling laceweight, so I am happy.  I will try to remember to take a finished photo before it goes to the raffle prize table!

My bedroom has also been decorated and is nearly finished. MrNoo moved a radiator for me, so we are just waiting to get some plumbing type equipment to finish that job.  All the painting is done, then when we've finished the plumbing I have new carpet to put down too - very exciting. I haven't decorated this room since I moved in 9 years ago !!!!! *rolls eyes* ! Shocking!   The room has been painted in a really pale yellow, with pale blue paintwork, it looks lovely and warm, and I will think the sun is shining even in winter!    i had to settle for a slighly yellow beige carpet which wouldn't have been my first choice, but at £125 for the room including underlay as opposed to £400 upwards, who am I to be fussy for a room that I only walk in once a day? - and anyway when it's full of furniture I won't see it much. At least it will be clean, warm and lovely on my toes! :)

This evening I managed to pick some blackberries on my "Spot-walk" I have been walking up at Newlands corner these last few weeks and everytime I get about half way there I think "Drat (or words to that effect) I forgot something to get blackberries in"........... and today I realised I had something all the time...... not a conventional tupperware pot but then i never was a conventional type. Oh No something far more inventive.    Well it's not like they're re-used is it?!!! :)

So.....   who is waiting for IKnit on Saturday then? - Only 3 sleeeeeepps!!! :) It'll be a great day and I am so excited to be meeting so many good friends from the CTnY forum. It'll be so much fun, and we get to hear the Yarn Harlot too..... omigoodness too much excitement!



  1. Have a lovely time at IKnit!!!

    And enjoy your newly decorated bedroom!!! :)

  2. Muir is looking lovely!!!!! enjoy Iknit, I'm very envious :-)

  3. Muir is looking beautiful, can't wait to see it!

    Have a lovely time at IKnit - I am getting quite jealous reading all these blog posts about who's going!

  4. Muir is looking good. I wish I was going to IKnit day, have a lovely time!

  5. Muir is going to be lovely!

    I am still waiting for summer, and here we are in September already. Personally I suspect a government plot, whereby there are now less hours in a day than there were ;-)

    And if it's any consolation re time taken for decorating, the same curtains are still hanging on my bathroom window that were there when we moved in 22 years ago. I like them!!!!!

    Isn't it lovely to be able to say "see you Saturday" :-)

  6. Muir looks lovely!! And your bedroom sound nice. Not to worry about not having decorated for so long Im sure many Folks don't.

  7. Wow, Muir is looking lovely! I kind of forgot how much I liked knitting this pattern...

    Oh, I used to love walking to Newlands Corner so much when I was younger; my uncle lives in Merrow, so we used to start off from there, then end up at St Martha's. Lucky you!


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