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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Not Knitting!

Thought it was time the girls got a look in.  They haven't had much glory lately, and to be honest, they won't be photographed much more this year, cos (a) it's permanently raining, and (b) as you can see from Molly below, they have started to moult and won't look very attractive.
 Molly (awwww!):-
And Big Bea (who refused to come out from behind the Bay tree 'cos I was wielding a tub of red-mite powder):-

No pics of the silkie today cos she's in another run and really doesn't look her best with all the rain (think white with mud patches) plus it was piddling down and I'd had enough of getting wet.

I am still consistently getting two eggs a day from the 4 big hens, and occasionally 3, I would assume Molly has stopped laying for the winter (looking at the state of her) and Bea will soon follow suit.  Much as I love them I am not sure at the moment whether to pop these two in the freezer now :(, It's a long winter to be feeding them (prices have shot up) and not get any eggs now until next March. The two hybrids Dotty and Primrose will stop laying for only around 6 - 8 weeks I think later in the year, and I may get two more hybrids like them to see me through winter.  I can't decide though!


  1. I am not sure that it would be warm enough for them in the freezer until next year ;)

    Good luck what ever you decide. :)

    Chooks I believe have great/interesting personaliites? :)

  2. I've just seen a lovely photo of you in your Tempest cardi on Natalie's blog. I meant say on Saturday how nice it was and ask you the name of the pattern but I didn't get round to it. Exciting to be on the Yarn Harlots blog wasn't it! I'm glad I've discovered your blog - I've always wanted to keep a few chickens but we have so many foxes round here.

  3. It must be hard to keep thinking of them as working animals rather than pets, they seem to have such strong personalities.

    At least you will know that they have had such a better life than they would have had otherwise.

  4. As a farmer friend of ours commented " I look after my animals and then they look after me!"

    Saw your 'celeb' photos!


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