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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not a post for the sensitive

Curse words........... I mean serious, serious, blue curse words.

I have completely felted Muir :(

Please don't comment on this post I can't take the sympathy I will probably cry, and if you are feeling honest, I can't take the realisation that I am completely and utterley stupid.  I am so totally mad with myself....... and have told myself off in no uncertain terms!

(in case you are wondering, I couldn't get the machine oil and associated smell out of the yarn with handwashing - it really did smell like a diesel engine. - so I popped it in a laundry bag, and washed it on my most delicate 30deg wool wash - delicate my arse!)

Seriously don't visit for a while.................. I will be swearing for some long while yet.


  1. Can I send you some yarn as a consolation? I feel your pain.......

  2. Onwards and upwards Noo :-)

    I do hope Spot covered her ears ;-)

  3. oh stink:( I know how you are feeling, sending hugs

  4. Oh Blo**dy H*ll!!!

  5. Oh No! I was going to try my new washing machine's delicate wool wash...maybe not!


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