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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wet Sunday....

Silkie still sitting on eggs ~ less than a week to go :-)
Shed and Greenhouse still clear, which isn't bad for a week!
Wii has been played and played and played (and my muscles have stopped aching now!)

Today has been a day of absolutely torrential rain, so I've been camped on the sofa, checking up on some family history (though not checking too much as my membership has run out ) and watching the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe on DVD.

I am a woman of few words at the moment, because not a whole lot is happening, at least not stuff you can blog about. And I'm quite busy getting ready for possible chicks (though still trying not to get my hopes up too much as it is really quite cold here), and a few other autumn garden chores. The spring greens and all year cauliflowers have been planted under cover, and other tidying up has been done.  So I expect the next you will hear from me is when I either am or am not a grandmother to chickens!


  1. The vagaries of the weather never cease to amaze! In Newcastle ( where I was for the Great North Run ) the weather was superb!

    Looking forward to Silkie news.....

  2. Had totaly fab weather in my part of yorkshire as well!!! Look forward to 'seeing' the chicks.

  3. I hope the chicks hatch. Horrid weather were too yesterday with a house full of crazy kids, utter madness!

  4. Oh golly are you still waiting!! A friend on a forum has little chicks running round her home as its too cold outside, she follows them round with wet wipes! Are you prepared!!!!! lol!!!


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