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Monday, November 03, 2008

November already???

How did that happen?  Seriously I know they say life travels faster as you get older, but I swear it was only 2 weeks ago that it was last Christmas??  (Luckily the magic of re-reading my blog prooves this is not the case and in fact I have had a good and quite full year!)

So just quickly.  Flicca  is almost finished (you didn't know I was making that did you!)  I changed the very top from 1x1 ribbing to stocking stitch as I knew I wouldn't like the rib at the top, and it is gorgeous! Made in Jaeger Extra fine merino chunky.   I haven't done the second button band as I haven't managed to find buttons to work on it yet and I want the button holes to be in the right place - and fit!  but it's all done apart from that...... photos as soon as buttons present themselves!  (Do you think if I wait in, they'll just knock on the door and say "Hi, we're the right buttons for your cardi!")

have started a long pullover in some green aran wool/ acrylic mix from a Noro book. I couldn't decide what to make and that yarn has been sat in my stash (which is now somewhat depleted) for sometime since I bought it from Melody, so it sort of decided itself.

Chicks are growing great guns and are getting their feathers.  No photos today cos it's a bit nippy to let them out, but sometime this week I'll show you how they've grown.

Spot is adorable as ever, I have taken to lighting a fire in the sitting room over the weekend as it was sooooo cold, and we sat on the floor together all snuggled up (mind you I always ended up furthest from the fire!!)

So there you have it, all is well and snuggley chez noo......... now if we could just slow down time a bit!


  1. I love our fire, I need to go out and fill the wood basket up before it gets dark. Heres to snuggly fires!

  2. Flicca is gorgeous, what colour are you doing it in, i may have some random buttons that want to live with you in my button tin ;o)
    What sort of size and how many? :oD

  3. So glad to hear all is well with you and yours! Lovely knitting too, one of these days I'll knit something big for me!

  4. Fran that is so sweet of you. Mum has taken the yarn to look through hers, and also check out some places when she visits my Grandma this week, but if there's no luck I may well call on your help x

  5. I don't know where the year has gone simply went WHOOOOSH!!! Flica is on my 'to do'list and I bet yours looks wonderfull.


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