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Sunday, November 16, 2008

See, told you we'd be handsome!

We are 5 weeks and three days old today.  Mum has taken loads of photos but we move too fast for her camera and she says they're all blurry.  Mum has been lovely to us this week and bought us and our big sisters a whole bale of straw which she put in our runs.  We love it so much and after she has let us out in the morning and we've had breakfast (porridge if we're very lucky) we snuggle down in the straw and sun-bathe.  Mum says we're beginning to look like real grown up chickens now. She says we're pretty but we knew that already!  Daddy put us up a proper perch this week too.  We already knew how to perch cos we've been practising in the house and keep flying out at Mum when she lifts the lid -(it makes us giggle)  It's nice to have something high up to sit on, it makes us higher than that soppy dog, so we can look down on her!


  1. Definately a great improvement on last time. Have you worked out whether they are girls or boys yet lol!

  2. The are getting bigger!

  3. did you know theres a farming trick to tell the sexes - look at the feathers around the necks of your chooks, maybe place a piece of paper or anything under them so you can see the ends of them. A male will have pointier ends on his neck feathers a female has rounder ends on hers.


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