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Thursday, November 27, 2008


  • get up (late) (very)
  • go downstairs in PJ’s, dressing gown and wrapped in a handknit blanket….
  • let chicks out
  • replace chicks water cos it’s frozen
  • get muddy slippers……
  • trip over dog…..
  • give dog biscuit filled bone which she slobbers all over the floor….
  • . make very strong coffee…….
  • log in to work to find many many invoices needing doing……
  • do them still in PJ’s….
  • make more strong coffee…
  • get dressed……. now am missing blanket….
  • go back and get blanket and wrap round over clothes….
  • sun is out momentarily so rush out, clean up after dog, clean out chicks, and grown up hens, feed all, … sun gone in…
  • *thinks* might as well get knitting out and light a fire!


How’s your day going?

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