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Saturday, December 13, 2008

How do you have yours?

Bagels that is?
Somewhat spurred on by a couple  of hairy blokes on TV the other night, I have today surpassed myself and made bagels. The photo isn’t good, but it’s dark and there’s no way they’re going to be here long enough to take any photos in the light!
DSCN1315  DSCN1322
They are totally yummy  - soft and light and not dense like shop bought ones.  The only problem is not eating all of them at once.  And the worst thing is that I am out of cream cheese!  Tragic! (Although not tragic enough to stop me eating these!) – I made 10. I doubt they’ll be any by Monday!
DSCN1320 The Christmas tree is up and Spot seems to think she would make the best present ever – well she’s not wrong is she? Bless her.
The weather is quite frankly biblical today. The downpours are endless and my garden is flooded. The chicks are under cover and I’m afraid have been left to their own devices today. I expect they will survive. 
On the knitting front, I am making my sister’s Christmas present so no photos of that. But I am also knitting a shawl for my 87 year old neighbour, who has no central heating, and my utmost respect and admiration for even getting out of bed on days like we have had recently. DSCN1308 It is Anni Designs Two of a Kind shawl, but knitted BIG! in New Lanark Aran.  Hopefully it will take the chill out of a few of those winter mornings!


  1. She will probably live for donkeys years cos she has no heating!!
    Absolutely love the shawl!!!

  2. I was watching the HB's Christmas special last night and loved the thought of the bagels...but im to lazy these days to bake anything!!!I thought we was allgoing to drown yesterday, it just never stopped raining!! I love the shawl and your a great neighbour to make one fore the lady.

  3. Mmmmm! bagels! What a fab idea! I'll be getting the ingredients for those before Christmasd I think. Maybe the breadmaker....

  4. Haha, I wondered why my flatmate was suddenly keen on making bagels!

  5. I love the HB's, the bagels look so nice as does that lovely Spot in front of the tree!

  6. Lovely shawl - everyone should have a neighbour like you!

  7. Yum, bagels! I watched that too - glad to hear they're yummy.


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