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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jazz in Hastings

This is a ridiculously useless photo of last night’s brolly parade at the 1066 Jazz club in Hastings, where we went to see Gentleman Jim McIntosh and the Jazzaholics.**


Taken on my phone cos it hadn’t occurred to me to take a camera.  It’s a fair old way for us to travel – over 2 hours to get there and 1 and a half back (no traffic on the M25 at midnight!) but it was a lovely fun evening.  The regulars had dressed up in all manner of fancy dress, and there was even a little girl there, probably only about 2 or so, who had her very own lacey umbrella – a really tiny one, it was so cute. She out-did everyone by dancing almost all night – from 8 to 11pm!

So that’s about it for jazz for a while – the next scheduled outing is Feb 15th at the Preston Cross to see the Bennett Brothers.

**If you have landed on this page by searching for Jim’s Jazzaholics or varations on that theme, then I am sorry that he STILL doesn’t have a web-page  smile_eyeroll, despite me telling him that I get quite a few hits on my blog as a result of having seen him around and about.  But if you are looking for gigs or CD’s then leave me a comment with your email address and I will pass your details on to him

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  1. When I was in my 20's (only a few years ago of course) Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen used to come yearly to our Rugby Club. I then had a boyfriend who took me to a jazz club in Liverpool and I LOVED IT, but sadly never had the chance since!!!
    Merry Christams to you, Spot and the Chickens and Mr Noo.
    All the best x


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