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Saturday, January 12, 2008

2 in one day - Eco-Cleaning!

Just a quickie. As many of you have heard before, I use copious amounts of bicarb of soda in my cleaning regimen (ha ha who am I kidding - cleaning regimen????? - what I mean is I sprinkle it liberally on the dog when she gets a bit whiffy!) I also use white vinegar for most household cleaning, and in the rinse cycle of my washing machine in place of fabric conditioner. So am very pleased to have found this online store:- Summer Naturals who stock vinegar in 5 ltrs. P&P is quite a bit (I guess 5 ltrs of vinegar is pretty heavy) but as you can get all your other stuff there; bicarb, borax, soapnuts etc.... it evens out eventually!!! Just thought I'd mention it for anyone else that live down south in the "hard water" areas and for whom a bottle of vinegar from the supermarket is lucky to last a weekend.

A night out and old friends.

Last night I went out to the Preston Cross hotel for a one off jazz night. They always have jazz on a Sunday afternoon, but it's not the most convenient time of day to give up, so a Friday night is perfect.

The reason I went is that the band playing (The fantabulous Sheepwash playboys) is made of (among others) two brothers, Richard and Russell Bennett who I have seen play for many years, but recently haven't toured the UK to the extent they used to. Consequently this is the first time I have seen them in well over 2 years..... and oh it was so good to see them again. The pair of them front the band playing trombone and trumpet - and it's a bit like watching a musical Morecambe and Wise show!!! I can't find any samples of music with both of them, but here is the kind of thing - featuring Richard Bennett on trumpet

I tend to forget how very much this music changes a day's mood! - I went out in a typical Friday mood, needing a bit of a pick-me-up and this was it. We chatted, laughed, sang, and jiggled!!!

..... and I'm still smiling!