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Saturday, February 09, 2008

What do people search to find your blog

Do you love looking at your stats and finding the weird and wonderful things that people have searched for that has led them to your blog? - I find it fascinating!
This month's offerings are:-

Game Pie
Bits on Maths
(ok those two are quite sensible)

Dorothy Hens night Kings Cross
(I really don't think the poor searcher litterally meant "Dorothy Hen", but that is no doubt what she got when she visited here!)

Jim Mcintosh's jazzaholics (I keep trying to tell him to get his own website then people wouldn't end up at mine! - I think knitting might be a bit of a let-down when you're actually searching for Jazz!)

Best gravy with Rabbit Pie (I don't believe I've ever answered this question, so my humble apologies to the searcher.... but personally I'd use bisto (must be the powder not the granules) with water and a tiny bit of medium-sweet cider.....)

Noro Jacket - hope they liked it!

Auntie Noo Noo's cakes - mmmmmm think this searcher may also have been disappointed, I love cakes but as a lone householder, if I made them I'd be the size of my house!!!!

Recipe for veggie and rice pasties - that searcher ended up at my blog-a-long post for last June where I gave a recipe for veggie pasties, but the IP address was from Australia and I doubt they get quite as many winter root veg as we do, so they might have been disappointed too!!

It does seem that quite often my blog is visited by people searching for game recipes, and this has made me realise how badly the world needs decent ideas for what to do with Partridge, Pheasant, Rabbit & Venison..... Perhaps I'll start collecting !

So what do people search to find you? and do you think they find it??