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Thursday, March 06, 2008

What have I been up to?!

Well the bumps and bruises from the fall are all gone now, and I'm feeling much better! Whilst feeling a bit sorry for myself anyway I also decided to take a trip to the dentist - for the first time in 5 years! - I have had toothache on and off for the past year, and it's been getting worse since Christmas, so I had saved up (hardly any NHS dentists here :( ) thinking I must need 1 or 2 fillings and expecting a bill of at least £100. (I'm lucky I do have extremely good teeth so I shouldn't really complain about £100 in 5 years!)..... so off I toddled, a little nervous (as much at being told off for not going more regularly as the actual thought of the dentist), waited in the posh waiting room.......... got called in......... sat in the chair.......... laid back............ pointed out where the pain was................. "No I can't see any problems Miss Y,"........... "Your teeth are perfect" *insert smug grin here* "I'll take x-rays all around just to make sure".................. 5 minutes later and a bill for £40 for the pleasure of absolutely nothing!! grrrrrrr. Not that I wanted a filling you understand, but I had myself psyched for it. And now I still have toothache, but it isn't a tooth...... hmmmmmm! - the dentist suggested a sinus problem so I s'pose I have to brave the doctor's surgery (could be another 5 years in the waiting as I don't visit there very often either!) I have already spent the saved money on a food processor.... I got a good price on eBay so I am chuffed. It'll be the first actual food processor I have ever owned, I have always cooked everything completely by hand, but it's time I had a little help (besides it might improve my pastry making which has always been abysmal)

The lovely Pictish has asked how chickens flirt (I don't know if that was a serious question, but I'll answer anyway as it's fun!) Well I can tell you that a few of the male of the human species could learn a thing or two from the humble chicken!!!! I'm assuming the ritual is much the same for all makes and models of chicken, but this is the story of my little lad (I see him as being a teenager in his first school disco - full of testosterone and not sure what to do with it) First of all he eyed up all his ladies......... he sauntered into the group, very nonchalantly and one by one tried to separate each of the girls, probably to see which was the most amenable! He deduced well & quickly and chose Dorothy as his most likely conquest. Now Dorothy is actually pretty much the highest in the pecking order of the 4 hens.. She and Primrose share the duty but Dorothy probably the highest of the two by a hair's breadth. Despite this she is also by far the easiest to catch and hold from my point of view, if I stand near her she squats straight down (presumably in a "take me" position LOL) and I can just pick her up and cuddle her. The others need to be chased around like an unrehearsed scene from Rocky. So, having chosen Dorothy as his first girlfriend, he kept sidling up to her, and circling her to draw her away and separate her from the other girls. When she had moved a little way away he puffed out his chest, dropped his wing feathers so they were vertical from the ground (very pretty!) and did a little dance - his moves were good!!! However there were two unfortunates to this courtship.... The first being that whilst Dorothy is his most likely conquest, he really needs to wait until she is not free-ranging, cos she is one greedy little chicken, and throughout all this effort and dancing and puffing and dancing and circling, she hardly lifted her head up off the ground! - Poor little lamb! the second problem for him is that evidently his sister thinks they are married and he should be a one chicken kind of a bloke. After probably no more than 15 seconds of his courtship ritual she would run over and tell him off (baaak buk buk buk) and have a peck at poor Dorothy who had very little idea of what was going on as she hadn't stopped eating! As the afternoon wore on there was a little more eye contact.... (again think of this as that first school disco) and a few raised heads and puffed chests. But for all that effort he got no-where and went back to his own quarters with his sister. He did crow louder this morning though!!!

Whilst I was nursing my bumps I started Rogue..... and have done really well - both sleeves and the body up to the armholes are complete. And I decided to do the Kangaroo pocket too - just for fun!!The photo doesn't show it too well, 'cos it's dark here, but it gives you an idea!....... need to choose my next knit now as I always like to have the next one in my mind as it keeps me going on to finish (I don't allow myself more than 1 major WIP at a time)

Right dinner's ready, so that's me for now - Enjoy Ashes to Ashes everyone!!! :)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

A little bit of flirting!

This is the first time all the chickens have been together - and there has been a little flirting going on! (I have spent much of the afternoon with a cup of tea in a garden chair...... laughing!!!!!

My Boy's all grown up!

He has started to crow - and it is truly the sweetest little crow I've ever heard (I may not be saying that in a few weeks when he doesn't stop all day!) It's not terribly loud and he only seems to do it for a little while around 8 am...... mind you the effort he puts in he wouldn't be wanting to do it for longer! My 2 old Welsummers have started their summer "chats" too. Now they are noisy beasts. clucking and moaning away. I do (so far) actually prefer the sound of my little fella! He's still not staying though - a male silkie is no good to me unfortunately, however cute his crow is.