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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Clever how life works..... innit??!!!

I succumbed to the amazing yarn at New Lanark Mills, but was somewhat restrained in only buying 1 ball of of the 100% wool in DK, and one ball of the Donegal Silk Tweed, 90% wool, 10% silk in aran weight, with the intention of tension swatching and generally have a looky-feely!!!!!
This is the Aran Donegal Silk Tweed in Damson.

Well....... that all arrived at the beginning of the week and was shushed upstairs whilst I got on with other things (namely the divine CPH which I'm loving making!)

Then last evening, out of the blue, I got a PM on the poultry forum, asking for a favour. A pair of mittens is needed for a friend of a friend who has arthritis and can't get gloves on...... well how perfect is that??????
Believe it or not it's not that easy to find patterns for enclosed mittens, so I've kind of made up my own, which I will write up over the week. These are just a quick fix/stop-gap I think some lovely thin sock yarn mittens would be lovely as we move into the (hopefully!) spring.

So the verdict on the yarn is that it's fab! - It's fairly soft for a yarn of 90% wool content... I don't think you could wear it next to your skin, but it's certainly perfect for cardigans and over-garments. It has a lovely twist and doesn't split at all, and seems to hold a pattern beautifully. And just to cement it's beauty ...... it's a flippin' bargain!!!!