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Monday, May 05, 2008

Quiet here innit?

So the weather has brightened up for the bank holiday, and you can almost watch the weeds in the garden grow! - I'm off to cut the grass in a minute! Yesterday I weeded my raised vegetable plots.... with the help of Miss Dorothy! (That's actually quite a scary photo isn't it?!) She is a darling though, and really is my favourite hen. As you can see she has a bit of a squiffy beak, but that doesn't stop her! She used to be very much top hen when the older girls were moulting and was always first to the food. But since they have come back into lay they have asserted their authority again and I have seen Dorothy being picked on a few times :( She is by far the friendliest of them though - she is always at your feet... so when I was weeding the veg bed (with Spot on a lead tied to my wrist) she was digging around on the newly turned earth picking up any little thing she could. The others were off down the garden eating grass. I am trying to acclimatise Spot to the chickens a bit - which isn't easy when Dorothy is so friendly - she quite happily comes up to Spot to see if she's good to eat!!!! - Spot has lunged at her a couple of times, only to be met with a quick smack across the nose from me. (I don't like to smack but it is the quickest action and it does bring her to her senses immediately!) But they have also spent quite a lot of time just being around each other (with Spot always on the lead) and I hope one day I may be able to have them all in the garden together (as long as I never need to pop in for a wee or anything!!! - can you imagine.... Spot: "How quickly can I eat 6 chickens" Chickens: "How quickly can we get the stoopid dog in trouble?")

I must just quickly tell you one other chicken story (are you bored with them?) On Friday we had all the girls and the cockeral roaming the garden for an hour to stretch their wings and have a good old rummage at my insects! The cockeral, on being freed from his marital home, evidently only had one thing on his mind.... How quickly could he get round all 5 hens? Well he managed to capture Molly in a somewhat unromantic moment..... and then set his sights on Bea (the biggest hen - one of the Welsummers) She wasn't overly impressed by his amorous attentions and at one point quickly fled up the garden to the familiar surroundings of her run........... The little Cockeral, not to be deterred so easily, fled after her, trotting along at full speed.......... only to run straight into the trunk of the apple tree........... Laugh????? I nearly wet myself!!!! :) He hit it so hard that blossom fell all over the floor and all over him, he had absolutely no idea what had happened. Really it was just soooo funny! Didn't put him off for long though!

So, moving on from chickens:- The tights for Angus are finished:

Aren't they cute?

I've started some more socks as I am somewhat lacking in that department, but do have an abundance of sock yarn!!

Right really must be off to cut the grass. Have a wonderful bank holiday everyone.