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Friday, May 23, 2008

Times you wished you had your camera

We popped back to Hayling Island yesterday as MrNoo was after a new fishing rod for fishing for bass (they all look the same to me, but as he pointed out my knitting needles all look the same to him!!). Specifically it was a Spinning rod (which I got excited about but apparently a whole differnt kind of spinning!! LOL *Rolls eyes* )! He got a good deal on a rod and it was very pleasant to go to a shop where the proprietor was not trying to sell the most expensive thing in the place.

So from there we headed to the beach where the tide had just turned from high tide. In other words there wasn't enough beach to let Miss Spot off the lead for a while. So MrNoo decided he'd have a couple of casts and Spot and I sat down for the long haul (!!) At first Spot was a bit of a fidget. We had to sit on stones and I think they were a bit uncomfortable for her. - I had a jacket to sit on and a jumper so was a bit cushioned. Eventually as the sun warmed my bones I turned onto my front (with her lead looped over my arm) and lied down resting my head on my arms and whilst I didn't exactly sleep, I was in that nice place of not being quite awake!!!!! Eventually Spot managed to find a corner of the jacket and laid down above my head......... and then with a big sigh she rested her chin on my shoulder and fell asleep. It was really too funny. If we had had the camera the caption would have been...."The girls wait patiently for daddy to finish fishing" or some such...... and there we stayed for an hour and a half (we were lucky the fish weren't biting!!)

We returned all equipment to the car and as the tide was now well on its way out we went for a walk. About 1/4 mile from the car park we saw a helicopter go up and quickly realised it was air/sea rescue............ the RNLI dinghy also sped past us within a matter of seconds. Just round the corner a mother had had three young boys on body boards... the youngest of whom had got carried out on the tide (it was fair ripping out yesterday) and his mum had gone in to help..... both had ended up in trouble and the rescue had been called. It was really emotional to watch how quickly and professionally they were scooped up into the dinghy and wrapped in towels....... and how it could have been so different. A sobering thought to end the day.

This weekend I'm going to try my hand at sewing. I have two easy skirt patterns and have bought some cotton in the clearance section here
What could possibly go wrong??? LOL What are you up to?

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm 40!!!!!!

Yep It's finally happened... I asked it to wait a while so I could continue to get used to the idea, but no there was no waiting to be had....the age of 40 is upon me!

I had just the most perfect week, so it softened the blow somewhat............ so let me tell you how last week went.

Monday, the cockeral went to the great big freezer in the sky. The deed was done quickly and I am very happy that he had a good life with his Mrs, was well fed, and seemed pretty happy. But as summer had arrived he had taken to waking up and crowing at 4:30 am...... and I only take being woken by a man at that time twice at most!!! On the third morning his fate was sealed. It was always going to be this way though, and I'm happy that we can be responsible owners as I do want to breed, and I don't think Guildford town needs 15 cockerals in residence!!

MrNoo also weeded my front garden for me, which was probably one of the best presents he could give me as I hate doing it. It was all overgrown with grass so he has cleared it all and is going to buy me some new shrubs for a birthday present, instead of the bunch of flowers he had intended. Perfect!

Tuesday was working all day!:(.... so moving swiftly on...

Wednesday, The Lion King! Well what an experience. I have to say that I would almost certainly not have booked the Lion King for myself. I tend not to like theatre trips where the show is loosley based on another work that I know quite well. I don't mind if it's kept like the original but I'm not one for "cover versions" However I must say that this is possibly the best theatre experience of my life...... I cried buckets at the opening sequence (no, I don't know why either) and thought the simplicity of the staging totally set off the ingenious costumes, and I also have to confess spending probably a little too long watching the percussion man in the box left of stage playing every sort of African drum you can think of. (I do have a soft spot for percussion!). The play itself is far more "African" than the Disney film, and although I would have described it as a more adult version, it is still very very child friendly. So much so that the matinee we were at was filled with school-children on trips. The whole afternoon evoked memories of the short amounts of time I have spent in Africa the music was spot on, and the actors and actresses perfect in their roles.......... and I came away not only having loved the play, but also feeling warm, contented & peaceful.

Thursday was a bit of a change of mood from that! Once a month at the 100 club there is a lunchtime jazz session run by the Ken Colyer Legacy Foundation (or some name like that) It is always trad jazz, and is often showcases young bands. Adrian Cox is a young (25) man who plays clarinet and saxophone with all the enthusiasm and energy of youth, yet with the emotion, dexterity and passion of a man three times his age. (well most jazz musicians seems to be about 120!) He was playing with a band led by Graham Hughes who plays trombone, and also included a bass saxophonist (who was awesome - I've never seen one played before) and a man on drums who also had a washboard tie, a pair of spoons, and a nose flute (don't ask!). It was a riot. A good few people dancing, a few drinks to be had, and a raucous smile on my face for a few hours after! The only downside to the day was when I found out that the train fares have been changed and there are now 3 fare tiers from here to London. Early (24.00), after 9:30 (17.50) and after 11(13.30)..... I had been expecting the 13.30 fare after 10 so £17 came as a bit of a shock! Seriously I can almost see London from here!

So finally onto my birthday, Friday. Poor Mr4 had a bad tummy so we couldn't go to the beach altogether. So after a bit of re-negotiation we all went to Mum and Dad's for a lovely lunch, champagne and a beautiful cake. It was also my BIL's 40th on Saturday so the cake was for us both, with a football on one side and a little F1 car on the other. (tee hee, how perfect!?) We both opened our pressies so that we would all be together and had a lovely couple of hours chatting and catching up and eating nibbles (and plenty of cake!) I had still wanted to go to Hayling Island as it's a place that MrNoo and I visit quite often and is very much "ours" if you know what I mean. We left M&D's at about 5 and mosied on down the coast with Spot. The evening was lovely, the wind had dropped and the sea was flat as anything. We saw little whitebait glistening in the shallows and larger fish, possibly mackerel a few feet out. Spot was in her element as she pounced on the waves.... always sure never to go out of her depth though!

She was a wee bit lonely without Mr4 to play with though!

Finally on the way home (after fish and chips!) we stopped at my Grandma's for a cup of tea! My uncle was there as well, and as an extra surprise one of my cousins and his daughter. We only stayed an hour or so, but it was a lovely way to end the day.

So there we are, I am 40! It doesn't seem too bad yet! I think the anticipation was worse than the reality! Seriously though, how did I get to be here so fast............I'm sure I'm not even grown-up yet!