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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Off for a week!

Going to Wales for a week........ and looking at the weather forecast it's going to be fairly typical welsh weather!! :)

We are starting with a weekend in Abersoch for the annual Jazz Festival, which will be great fun. and then we decided to extend that into next week and just mooch around the general area with a tent and an inflatable bed (Well I'm 40 now you know - I can't sleep on the ground!)

So in a minute I'm taking Spot to the kennels. We did think about taking her but if the weather does get hot I worry about her in the car, and she's not the best at drinking. Plus it ties us to places where dogs are allowed.... and it would be nice to have a little "us time" for a week!! - She doesn't seem to mind the kennel, in fact last time I picked her up she didn't even run to me in the office when they brought her out - she ran straight to another man (a stranger) who was eating a biscuit!!! - She's only loyal to the consumer of food!!!!

We've also got all the bits to set up an auto-drinker and a 12kg feeder for the chooks. So, although my neighbour will come in to get the eggs, she can please herself (and avoid the wet weather) as they won't actually need anything as such. So that needs to be done this afternoon.

I have started knitting Tempest, and it's beautiful (Thanks Sarah!) but I don't think I'm going to take it away. I think I'll start some socks instead as they are infinitely more portable. I have a plan to do more express lanes for a friend of mine in Opal rainforest (snake)

So, best get on with it then. Have a great week whatever you're doing, and good luck to all my friends who are running their race for life over the weekend.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Race for Life 08

Well I didn't do as well as I had hoped. My stopwatch actually ran out of battery but we think I was around 36 mins. It was really hot yesterday and that was what did for me really. I jogged the first half without too much trouble, then slowed to take on some water and that was a mistake. I never really got going properly in a good rhythm again. There just hasn't really been a lot of good weather to train in - in fact it has only really warmed up here this last week (complete lack of vegetables in the garden is a testament to this fact!) so there's not much that can be done when the day of the race turns out to be a scorcher!!!! - Still my sister wants to carry on our once a week run together as it's a nice opportunity for us to have 1/2 hour together, and there have been vague mentions of the 10k one next year............. and why not????!!!!

having said that we all had such a fantastic day, there were 4 of us doing it and together we raised well over £700 for Cancer Research, which I am incredibly proud of and is an awesome total.

There aren't any photos because it seems MrNoo was taking photos of everyone else (!) - next year must remember to wear something more conspicuous!!! :) :)

Have a lovely Sunday everyone, I'll be in the garden then watching the Canadian GP tonight!