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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not a post for the sensitive

Curse words........... I mean serious, serious, blue curse words.

I have completely felted Muir :(

Please don't comment on this post I can't take the sympathy I will probably cry, and if you are feeling honest, I can't take the realisation that I am completely and utterley stupid.  I am so totally mad with myself....... and have told myself off in no uncertain terms!

(in case you are wondering, I couldn't get the machine oil and associated smell out of the yarn with handwashing - it really did smell like a diesel engine. - so I popped it in a laundry bag, and washed it on my most delicate 30deg wool wash - delicate my arse!)

Seriously don't visit for a while.................. I will be swearing for some long while yet.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Not Knitting!

Thought it was time the girls got a look in.  They haven't had much glory lately, and to be honest, they won't be photographed much more this year, cos (a) it's permanently raining, and (b) as you can see from Molly below, they have started to moult and won't look very attractive.
 Molly (awwww!):-
And Big Bea (who refused to come out from behind the Bay tree 'cos I was wielding a tub of red-mite powder):-

No pics of the silkie today cos she's in another run and really doesn't look her best with all the rain (think white with mud patches) plus it was piddling down and I'd had enough of getting wet.

I am still consistently getting two eggs a day from the 4 big hens, and occasionally 3, I would assume Molly has stopped laying for the winter (looking at the state of her) and Bea will soon follow suit.  Much as I love them I am not sure at the moment whether to pop these two in the freezer now :(, It's a long winter to be feeding them (prices have shot up) and not get any eggs now until next March. The two hybrids Dotty and Primrose will stop laying for only around 6 - 8 weeks I think later in the year, and I may get two more hybrids like them to see me through winter.  I can't decide though!

Monday, September 08, 2008


I'm in a photo on the Yarn Harlot's blog! I AM FAMOUS! (well ok i'm not, cos the photo was about natalie as well it should have been after the competition she ran on her YarnYard site to try to raise awareness for the Yarn Harlot's charity of choice Medecins Sans Frontieres - go take a peek) but that's me, in the Tempest cardi on the right hand side of n....... I may need to lie down for a while!

Yarn Harlot rocks!

OK I was a fool! - I didn't take a camera!!, I had the headache from hell, and I didn't buy anything except the Yarn Harlot's new book.  BUT it was the most awesome day.

I met loads of people from the CTnY forum (and didn't meet nearly as many! - seriously I must have been walking round in a daze). I stroked yarn, and perused a few books, I stood in a queue for a book signing for a while, whilst people knitted (that was cool), I was a complete ditz when it came to my turn and couldn't think of anything to say (I was SO in awe!),I saw a little bits of some of the fashion shows and I watched the hundred different ways that people knit - I swear I didn't see two people holding their yarn the same way.

... and then there was the Yarn Harlot talk.  Well it was the most enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half. I laughed far more than I thought I would, and I actually learnt a lot too!  Apparently knitters are about the cleverest people on the planet - along with monks!! (OK it wasn't quite as simple as that, but I like that precis so I'm sticking with it!)  (and I knitted my sock too!)  Stephanie was so entertaining and engaging and deserves full credit for standing in front of that many people and not running out!! :)

As for the event itself, well I personally thought the venue was much better than last year - there was much more space and air (although it was very hot) and it never felt too crowded, which for me is quite important. However the increase in space did mean that it lost a wee bit of it's personal  feel, and the impromptu party atmosphere which has been at last year's IKnit was sadly missing a bit this year.  (I'm sure I remember music/singers) I think last year's venue benefited from having the bar area in the same hall as the market place and fashion show - it allowed people to sit with a drink and watch the world go by, and although there was plenty of seating this year, the cafe/bar was downstairs so was removed from the event. Having said that, you obviously can't please all the people all the time, and for me I think the increased space and "non crowding" won over the slight loss of atmosphere.

So, Craig/Gerard...... what you doin' next year then?! ;)