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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

...and so to bed

.......... is that a line from a book or something? It sounds very familiar?

Anyway I digress!

and so to bed with 2008.  It's been a mixed year, a wonderful holiday in Wales, a few good nights out, some wonderful walks with my Spot-dog, my sister and her family buying a house just a few miles from me (that's  a high not a low point!) which means she can't escape for a year or two!, new chickens.... and later chicks. But financially it's been tough, and is getting tougher. The comapny I work for seemed to come to a grinding halt at the end of August, having just completed our biggest year ever, we have started a new financial year with hardly any work and the probability of laying everyone off in the New Year.  It was really like hitting a brick wall, no gradual down turn for us..... loads of work one minute and absolutely none the next.  We've kept paying everyone up til now to see them through Christmas, but it has taken all our last years profits and we've now run out!  I have worked and re-worked cash-flows so many times that I now dream in numbers!!  but, we are not the only ones, and there are worse things happening in the world, so shoulders back, head up and on we march...........

So next year I will be back to growing more in the garden (and praying for better weather than last summer so it actually grows!), wearing more clothes to cut down on heating (I look like Michelin Man at the moment - my heavens isn't it cold??) and being more frugal if I can.  I may be blogging a little less, cos let's face it there are only so many chicken pictures and knitteds you all want to see.... but I'll keep you updated on all the important things, and there'll be little photos here and there.

Have a Healthy and Happy New Year everyone, and whilst I doubt anyone's will be Prosperous as such, I do hope that you all find a way to manage as best you can through the next year without having to give up too much in the way of yarn!! :)