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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It snowed!

I know that for most people in the country, these pictures are not particularly exciting. But these are for an old school friend, who having moved back home to Hong Kong, misses our English Winters. (Bearing in mind how cold our old school building could be I am surprised “missing” is an appropriate word, but still it is one she uses, not one I have foisted upon her! )  So, here for all those who have missed a good winter………..

DSCN1346 The Hill at Newlands Corner looking Left towards Albury and Shere (ish!!)

Spot got a bit chilly while I was trying to be artistic!!! DSCN1348

DSCN1349 Standing on the Hill at Newlands corner looking right, back towards Merrow/Guildford

The path squeaked as only proper snow can! DSCN1355

And what you do when it’s all over and your tired and happy:- DSCN1343


  1. Lovely to see the photos of Newlands - you know I was there not too long ago. That 4th photo is looking towards St Martha's, I think? I have one of my uncle framed against that view. These views mean so much to me, being a Guildford-born girl, but now living 250 miles away!

    best wishes, clarabellex

  2. Living up here in the frozen north these pictures are nothing new to me but I still think they are wonderfull

  3. What lovely photos Noo. I wish I could share your enthusiasm for the white stuff, but sadly I am a softie at heart ( and terrified of falling )!

  4. Lovely snowy pics. We have about an inch up here on the Pennines today, and everything looks very white and clean. For a while, anyway! :)

  5. We haven't had any here! Just lots of frost which looks so nice anyway.


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