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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The good, the bad and the downright EWWWWW!

Are you fed up with hearing about our weather yet??

I am laughing at the difference a day of snow makes.

I have seen normally surly teenagers, laughing playing, giggling, being childish, and generally it’s a wonderful wonderful sight.

Then there’s the people that seem to think that a bit of snow means an end to manners, umpteen people thought it was ok to walk up my drive and pose leaning on my car because it had loads of snow on it, including one person that thought it was ok to “angel” on the bonnet. How Rude!!! I wasn’t happy.

Following on from that again, in my drive the need to pick up snow from anywhere, and sit in undisturbed areas. I had the last laugh though because I happen to know that an equally rude person allowed their dog to foul my drive on Sunday afternoon, and I hadn’t got round to clearing it before the snow came and hid it………… It’s quite possible it got thrown at someone’s head, or even sat in….. I’m still slightly giggling  (yes I know that is really really eeeewwwww but it was always a possibility wasn’t it? where’s the common sense?). It’s not that I’m grumpy about people enjoying it at all, I really love the fun that it brings out in people. But I live on the edge of a HUGE park, less than 1/2 mile from a nature reserve, and at the front of a car park, and certainly the car park had not even been walked across until this morning. 

I also think all the grumps are a bit sad (says she who has just grumped for 2 whole paragraphs) Yes, the country did come to a bit of standstill, but we’re not Canada, or Switzerland, we don’t have snow very often and certainly not this amount. What’s wrong with just going with the flow for a day? I can understand businesses who may feel obliged to pay wages for people that didn’t get to work (I wonder if they have to – should probably check that for my own info), but for individuals, there are very few that are important enough to have needed to get out. (Obvious emergency workers excluded from above statement) I think it’s great to be taken down a peg or two, and that it has taken nothing more than frozen water to do it! Still, the sun’s out now so it won’t be here for long, and I for one am going out to enjoy it.

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  1. I don't think I ever am going to get fed up with the excitement of snow. Coming from a country where this type of Snow is pretty common at this time of year it still surprises me that it can caus so much caos over here..well hopefully us here in the UK will now be better prepared for the next time. Just remember...never eat yellow snow!!!! No matter what...lolol

  2. I love the snow too, I find it so beautiful and it makes everyone slow down, well most of them anyway!!


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