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Friday, February 06, 2009

The latest Christmas present ever!

My poor sister finally got her present the other week and has taken a photo for me to post. 

This became a bit of a chore half way through (and having frogged 3 times) because I just couldn’t get a nice tension.  The tension on all the patterns I was using was for 2 strands of Drops Alpaca, knit on 5mm needles, but the stitches were very uneven, and loose and generally not very nice looking.  Eventually I gave up on the patterns and used sweater wizard to get a pattern using 4mm needles, which gave a much nicer effect. The edges are all done in moss stitch as again all ribbed variations looked untidy.

I really fell in love with this again whilst knitting it this last time.  The tension is beautifully even on 4mm’s (knitpicks harmonies!!) and it feels warm and wonderfully soft.

Bex has graciously allowed me to show a photo on here.



  1. It was worth the efford!! It looks lovely and I am jealous that your sis can wear somthing like that.

  2. The 'wizard' design looks fantabulous on your sister! It always helps when folks are so slim and slinky, and don't have horrible protuberances like me...


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