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Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing to see here but us chickens

Work is busy……… so there’s not a lot going on Chez Noo, but as today is a somewhat sunny day I just thought I’d show you how grown up my sole surviving chick is now!





He is such a sweetheart (unlike the other bully!)  He will be picked up for a cuddle, he’s gentle with his ladies, and crows the sweetest crow.  Not too often though, just a few little outbursts a day! (I may re-evaluate that particular sentence when it gets light at 3am) Look at how big he is now, at only 15 weeks old…. He absolutely dwarfs the girls.  I am really hoping to be able to keep him, as it’s such a bonus to have a gentle cockerel.  I will try breeding him with the girls I’ve got, as it is the most cost effective way of keeping an ongoing flock.  Thereafter, any cockerels will be table birds, and the hens will lay.  He puts me in a very peaceful frame of mind! Daft isn’t it!

(All piccies should be clickable as I’m using Windows Live Writer now which is a tad more consistent.)


  1. What a handsome fellow!! You did well there...I hope he stays as good in behaviour.

  2. He's gorgeous. Can't believe he's so big for his age.

  3. looks good, we are down to the one chook now the poorly one sat down and never got up from her sleep, good way to go I suppose and saved me.....


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