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Friday, March 06, 2009


Silkie is sitting on 8 eggs!!!  6 Light sussex pure, one of her own - possibly fertilised by our own cockerel and one of the hybrids - likewise possibly fertilized.... if they hatch they should come out looking interesting if nothing else!

Knitting has ground to a spectacular halt due to me playing Lexulous and bejeweld blitz til all hours of the night

I have found some very special old school friends on facebook, and am spending a lot of time over there at the moment.

Normal (I can hear you chuckling at the word normal you know!....) service will resume........ sometime!


  1. You have really got the chicken bug haven't you lol!!

  2. I be interested to see those Chucks!!! Know what you mean about the knitting/facebook thing..I manage 2/3 rows before im of to surf..It will wear of...I hope

  3. Facebook is like a packet of biscuits and the I'll just have one notion you go on for 5 minutes when its light and the next thing its cold and dark with the candle burnt through.


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