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Thursday, March 26, 2009

quick change of subject……

Did anyone see the F1 classic Ozzie Grand Prix collection on the BBC1 Red button on Tuesday?   I don’t know if it’s going to be a permanent thing before every racing weekend but it was CLASS!   The longest highlight was the 45 mins full highlights show of the 1996 GP when Schumacher showed us the kind of racer he was going to become by taking Damon Hill out after making a mistake on a World Championship deciding race. The other included Jacques Villeneuves first race, the Mansell/Prost/Picquet World championship decider and a few other tit-bits!

If you are a fan it’s well worth looking out for if they do it again. Check the BBC website and keep checking that red button. – They sure knew how to race in those days!!


  1. Nooo, would have loved to see that! Why do they hide stuff on the red button! Would have quite liked to watch the forum on red button after the race but wanted to get back to sleep lol.

    How are the eggs doing?


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