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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is beginning

So, Poor Silkie has been sat on 7 eggs for three weeks and it looks like none will hatch :(  I am sitting here trying to decide what to do……. as I have the cockerel in with the other girls I could try putting yesterday’s and today’s eggs under her to try again, but that will mean she has sat for 6 weeks which may be too long……….. i won’t be worried if she leaves the nest cos it’s not like this new batch of eggs will cost me anything, but I am concerned for her health and whether she can last sitting that long?  Am waiting for some expert opinions on the poultry forum !

In gardening news:- the veggie plots have been started – onions, some carrots, some texel greens, are all in. In the greenhouse I have sown a couple of peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and peas– just two of each for now and I’ll do another 2 in a few weeks in case of frost or other catastrophe (mice?!!!!)

The chickens have all come back into lay after the winter, and are looking lovely after their moult with their new feathers.

Spot is…………. well Spot really!  She is loving the fact that she can stay out in the garden most of the day,  and can usually be found asleep against either the veg plot or the shed, wherever is sunniest!

Knitting is….. slow! I am nearly done with Urban aran, and am, in all honesty, hating knitting it. But I have to finish things before I move on otherwise it will never get done – I am definitely one of life’s “starters”, so have to discipline myself with the knitting otherwise the house would be full of half done projects, and I rarely go back to an unfinished task (which anyone who sees the state of every half decorated room in my house (err that’s all of them) will know!


  1. well done for sticking out the UAran. I hope silkie will be OK, let us know whether she can keep sitting. I need to garden now hearing all about your work!

  2. I am totally uninspired by my garden at the mo. If I don't get going soon I will have nothing to grow!!!


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