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Monday, April 06, 2009


Unfortunately whilst 3 of the chicks hatched, none of them survived. It was all very strange and one that we're putting down to experience. Although as it was a "natural" incubation using my silkie as a broody mum, I can't really see that there was much we could have done differently.  One thing I have learnt is that it's a good idea to put some turf under the nest of a broody as it helps with humidity..... so I have a tray of grass seed in the greenhouse now, along with all the veggie seeds!

And so that brings me to the veggie seeds rather nicely!  Most are sown, Tomatoes, Aubergines, Peas, marrow, cucumber, butternut squash, courgette and peppers. A couple are showing already, but mostly they are still thinking about it.

In other news:- Urban Aran is finished but needs sewing up - and I haven't got the enthusiasm for something so thick and heavy at the moment - although knowing England, it'll be freezing over the Easter weekend so I expect I will get it done then.  I have now started crocheting a sweater dress. I've never successfully followed a crochet pattern, but this one is working rather well (famous last words) and having finished the front and most of the back I can confirm that it is, at least, sweater shaped. Which is always a good start.

Blogging will become less now through the summer months, as I spend more free time growing veggies and generally lounging about in the sun. Plus of course our annual jazz pilgrimage, which this year is again in Abersoch.

Take care all, and enjoy the weather.


  1. Ah hun, so sorry to hear about the chicks, sending you {{{hugs}}} and good luck with the veggies this year!

  2. Bad luck with the chicks - sad, but you obviously tried everything by the book. Looking forward to seeing photos of your crocheted dress (intriguing!) and your veggies...

    Have a great Easter!

  3. Sorry about the chicks!

    ...but 'lounging in the sun'?????? You would need more than an urban aran to do that up here! The sun is shining (at the mo) but my next chore is to find some glass to protect my freshly planted seeds IN THE POLYTUNNEL!!!

  4. Sorry bout the Chicks:( But we live and learn and you are having successes.
    CROCHET?????? Are you going over to the dark side??? lololol Am only jealous as I can't crochet anything resembeling
    Have a Hoppy Easter

  5. I am sorry about the chicks. x Will you pop back to show us the dress whan its done? It sounds quite a challenge.

  6. Sorry to hear about your chicks but these things happen!
    Like you blogging for me reduces during the summer but having said that I usually have more to blog about as I spend more time in the garden!!

  7. I've been planting veggies too, but not so many as I only have a few growbags to fill. I've not tried butternut squash, they might be on my list for a future year.


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