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Monday, June 08, 2009

37mins 22 secs

Yep I completed 5km in 37 mins.  Not too shabby to say that I hadn’t trained.  We started the race in hail stones, jogged our way through that, sun and drizzle again at the end, but it was actually so much better that running in the heat we had last year.   My sister did amazingly well and ran all the way to complete it I think she said 4 mins 12 quicker than me (she had the stop watch so did lap splits) .  I am so proud of her running all the way – I had a long walk in the  middle stretch! – It was a good start for Bex though as she has also committed to doing the 10k for Cancer Research in September, I am totally in awe of her, a link for her sponsor page is here for any family/friends that are equally in awe……. .10km is at best an hour of jogging, ….. I can’t even think about that!.   I’d also like to say a special thanks to Sue, who although she wasn’t running this year, still showed up to support us, and given the weather,  that was probably braver than us running (at least we kept warm!)   It made so much difference to see a smiling face half way, and again towards the end…….it gave bex and I both the encouragement we needed.

So thank you to all who sponsored me, I hope I did you proud……… you should know that I am honoured that you chose me to sponsor.   I know that there are many many women who do this 5km every year and it really is an incredible show of will and determination to see them all ages, all levels of fitness, push themselves to finish that 5km.

My Justgiving widget will soon miraculously turn to point to the p/hop page…… just to keep you on your toes!! – I will explain that more fully when I change it.

In the meantime, I’m off for my annual Jazz pilgrimage on Friday for a week, so this will probably be my last blog before that.  I may try to blog from my phone while we’re away, so if you’re after a bit of fun, music  and jiving, keep your eyes peeled! ;-)


  1. Well done Noo. That sounds like a brilliant time to me.

  2. Congratulations, Noo, and to your sister too! X

  3. Thank you for being a star and running for a cause that is so close to home for my family at the moment, well done. xxx


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